How do I configure my domain for Zimbra?

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When you subscribe to our Zimbra Hosted Email offer you need to configure your domain to point to our email server.

To do this you must have the delivery email to retrieve the following information:

  • The MX field
  • The SPF field
These fields are unique for each of our Zimbra hosting servers, so it is important to retrieve this information in the delivery email.

To configure your domain this will then depend on your domain name provider, if your domain is registered on your PulseHeberg account you can follow this guide if you have a standalone domain or this one if you have a domain under Plesk.

Example of configuration for a single domain at PulseHeberg (standalone)

Example of configuration for a domain under Plesk at PulseHeberg

To activate DKIM on your domain you need to contact our support who will provide you with the DNS field needed to configure it.

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