I've just been charged for a cancelled service

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Problem encountered

You have just been debited on your PayPal account for a cancelled service.


The pre-approved PayPal payment works like a scheduled wire transfer, although our system attempts to cancel your authorization with PayPal it may fail.


  1. Make sure that no more unjustified payments will be sent from PayPal :

You must manually cancel the pre-approved payment from your PayPal account by following this procedure from Paypal.com :

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Payments.
  • Click on Manage Pre-Approved Payments.
  • Use the filter to select Groupe PulseHeberg and then click Cancel.
  • Click Yes to confirm your request.
  1. The overpayments are automatically credited on your Pulseheberg account, and can be used for futurs orders or renewal. If you do prefer to get a refund on your PayPal account, please contact our team
Please note that we can't refund 6+ month old transaction on PayPal. If your transactions are older than 6 month, please send us a IBAN with your refund request, so we can refund you through bank transfer.

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