Add a credit card to my customer account

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You can add one or several credits/debit cards to your Pulseheberg account. Theses cards can then be used for new orders, or automatic renewal of your ongoing services.

In order to add a card to your customer account you have to click on the tab Billing and then Payment Methods.

The Payment Methods page then displays all payment methods currently registered in your customer account (except for pre-approved Paypal payments).

The payment method chosen as default is the one that will be used for the automatic renewal of your PulseHeberg Services.

To add a new credit card you must click on the Add New Credit Card button. Then complete the form that appears with your credit card information.

PulseHeberg accepts CB, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Finally, click on the Save Changes button.

Your card is now properly registered and appears in your PulseHeberg customer area.

When adding your credit card, your bank may ask you for 3D Secure authentication.

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