How do I start my dedicated server on a customized ISO?

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You have the possibility to start your dedicated server on a customized ISO in order to install the OS of your choice on it.

To do so, connect to your KVM console from the customer area by following this guide.

Once connected to your KVM console, click on the small CD-ROM button at the top of the sub-window:

In the CD-ROM submenu choose CD/DVD and Local *.iso file :

You also have the possibility to choose Scripted Media URL and indicate a URL present on our ISO bank.

Select on your computer the .ISO file you want to mount on your dedicated server :

Launch a restart of your dedicated server from the burger menu Power and Reset :

During a reboot your server performs many hardware checks that may explain a more or less long boot.

Your server then boots on the ISO present in the ILO virtual drive:

Then you just have to follow the installation procedure of the OS of your choice until its completion.

When installing a custom ISO it is necessary to manually configure the network of your dedicated server. The configuration information is available on your panel.

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