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How to install Ubuntu Desktop?

By default PulseHeberg only offers server versions of its operating systems, but you have the possibility to simply turn a server into a desktop version.

Our guide is based on Ubuntu 20.04

Connect in SSH on your VPS with an SSH client like Putty on Windows or from a terminal on Linux or MacOS.
Once connected update your server:

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

When the server is up to date you can proceed to the installation of Ubuntu Desktop :

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop -y

The installation phase of Ubuntu Desktop takes about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the power of your server.
Once the installation is complete, simply reboot your server and connect to the VNC or KVM console of your server.
Follow the GUI configuration instructions: Keyboard type, time zone and your user ID and password.
You then have access to the Ubuntu Desktop on your server.

Desktop access only works through the VNC or KVM console, if you want to connect to it more simply you have the possibility to install or activate a VNC service on your server.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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