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How to access the KVM console of a dedicated server?

The KVM console allows you to see the screen of your dedicated server even if it is no longer responding on the network, it can be very useful to diagnose and solve boot problems on your server or to install a custom ISO.

To be able to access the KVM console of your server you must first ask our support to generate an ILO access.

Go to the management panel of your dedicated server and click on the KVM Console button:

If the KVM Console button does not appear it means that your server is not compatible with the KVM Console.

A tunnel opens to the KVM connection page of your server, most of the time it is an HP ILO console:

The username and password of your ILO console are available upon request to our technical support.

Once connected, you can see at a glance the general state of your dedicated server :

To open the KVM console click on the HTML5 button on the same page:

A sub-window opens and displays the console of your server :

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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