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SSL management of your website

By default we include Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for free to your web hosting, as a rule the SSL certificate is automatically activated 2 hours after the actual configuration of your domain.

If you want to be able to manage your Let's Encrypt certificates, buy an SSL or send your own SSL you can do this from the menu SSL/TLS certificates :

This section offers the possibility to :

Activate a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate if one is not yet active:
Buy a RapidSSL SSL from our partner Plesk
Buy a GeoTrust SSL from our partner Plesk
Send your certificate to our hosting server if you have already purchased it elsewhere

SSL certificates sold by Plesk are automatically installed on your web hosting.

Wildcard Let's Encrypt SSL Support

If you use the DNS provided by PulseHeberg when opening your hosting, you can take advantage of Wildcard Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates that allow you to get a single SSL Certificate for all your subdomains by checking the Secure the Wildcard domain (including www and webmail) checkbox when creating your SSL :

If SSL already exists you can extend SSL protection by clicking on the Regenerate Certificate button, otherwise click Get it free.

The generation of an SSL Wildcard requires the creation of a DNS verification field, during the activation operation the panel will return the following message:

We recommend that you wait about 5 minutes before clicking Reload or checking on an external propagation service that the DNS field exists.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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