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What versions of PHP are available?

PHP version support

Our Plesk WEB hosting range (WEB-5, WEB-25 and EDU-5 packages) currently supports the following PHP versions:

- PHP 7.4 (end-of-life)
- PHP 8.0 (end of life)
- PHP 8.1
- PHP 8.2
- PHP 8.3

How long are PHP versions available?

Over the last few years, the PHP Foundation has accelerated the rate at which new versions of PHP are released, thus reducing the lifespan of previous versions (the lifespan of versions is 3 years). You can find the official PHP version support table on the following page

We strive to support PHP versions as long as possible, often beyond their theoretical lifespan, within the limits of Plesk's technical feasibility.

How does the end-of-life of a PHP version work?

When a PHP version nears the end of its lifespan, it appears in red in Plesk with the words “Obsolete”. It is then imperative for you to quickly plan to update your site (if necessary) to be compatible with a more recent version of PHP, you can then choose a more recent version of PHP in Plesk.

Over the coming months, PHP versions displayed as obsolete in Plesk will reach their definitive end-of-life. If your site is still using this obsolete PHP version at the time of EOL, it will be automatically re-configured to the oldest PHP version still supported. If your site is not compatible with this new version, it may malfunction, so you'll need to contact your webmaster to update your site.

New version of PHP?

We make every effort to support new versions of PHP as soon as possible. As a general rule, this is a few weeks after the release of the new PHP version. In certain rare situations (technical incompatibility with Plesk, for example), the new version may not be immediately available across our entire infrastructure. If this is the case, please contact our support team, who will be happy to work with you to find out how you can benefit from the new version of PHP.

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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