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Start your VPS in rescue mode

As a result of a wrong manipulation (kernel modification, deletion of a system file, etc.), it can happen that you damage the operating system of your VPS. In this situation, it is possible that your VPS will not be able to boot at all.

In such a situation, our support unfortunately cannot assist you. We do not have access to your VPS, for technical reasons (KVM virtualization prevents any access to your data) as well as for reasons of confidentiality of your data. However, you have on your management panel, everything you need to start a backup system on your VPS, to regain access to your data, and repair your VPS.

If your VPS contains critical data, we strongly recommend you to call a professional, or any other person with advanced skills on Linux systems. Any wrong action performed during a rescue can make your data completely unrecoverable.

To do this click on the Tools tab from the VPS management panel:

Under the Tools tab, just click on the Reboot to rescue mode button:

The rescue task is launched:

Switching to rescue mode can take up to 5 minutes

Once the switch to rescue mode is done, a pop-up appears with the temporary root password, you can connect to the VPS directly with the public IP of it or via the VNC console.

By default the system partition of your VPS is mounted in the /mnt in rescue

To return to normal mode, simply restart the VPS

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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