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Install a custom OS on your KVM VPS

PulseHeberg proposes a list of several OS in automatic installation, however we do not have the possibility to propose all the VPS in automatic installation. In order to meet the needs of the largest number of people, we propose a list of ISOs that can be mounted on VPS KVM servers in order to reinstall them under the OS of your choice.

To do this, go to the ISO tab:

On the ISO tab you have a list of ISOs and you can select the OS of your choice by clicking on Mount:

The VPS will then automatically reboot to the ISO of your choice, you can access the OS from the VNC console.

It is necessary to manually configure the network on your VPS when you install it from an ISO. The configuration information is available in the VM Details tab

To eject the ISO just click Eject in the small pop-up that appears on the panel

Updated on: 09/06/2024

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