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Your server is suspended for Hack

When our teams, or our monitoring tools, detect abnormal behavior on one of your services, and this behavior suggests that your server has been compromised, it is automatically suspended.

This suspension is above all preventive: its purpose is to protect our infrastructures, as well as our customers.

As the sole administrator of your server, you are responsible for the actions performed on it, even in the case of actions performed by a third party.

By taking your server offline, it prevents more potentially illegal actions from being carried out.

In this kind of situation, Pulseheberg applies the following methodology:

First Hack Suspension: Your server can be unlocked upon request to our technical support. You will then regain full access to your server, and you will have to take corrective actions as soon as possible.
Second suspension for Hack: Our technical team may require the immediate reinstallation of the server in order to bring it back online. If this reinstallation is required, it must be performed by our technical support before your server is put back online.
In case of later suspension for Hack: The restart of your server will have to be approved by one of our administrators. The latter may also require the immediate reinstallation of the server before it is back online.

Please note that in case of multiple suspension for Hack, of one or more of your services, Pulseheberg may have to permanently terminate the concerned server, if no effective corrective action is implemented by the customer.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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