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Your VPS KVM VPS has just rebooted

Several events can lead to the restart of your VPS :

Restart after maintenance

Your VPS can be restarted by our teams following a maintenance (hardware replacement operation on a host for example). As far as possible, maintenance operations that may lead to the shutdown of your VPS are planned, and you are informed by email. However, some situations (critical hardware defect) may require immediate intervention, without prior planning.

Restart following an incident

The majority of our VPS offers (KVM, LXC, ...) are mounted in HA infrastructure, and have an automatic disaster recovery. This translates into an automatic restart of your VPS, if it was located on a host that suddenly became inoperative.

In the vast majority of cases, your VPS is restarted less than 15 minutes after the automatic detection of the fault.

VPS restarts are an inherent part of the life of our infrastructures. Our teams do their utmost to avoid this kind of disruptive operation, but it is necessary to know that they exist. We therefore invite you to take them into account in the configuration of your services (make sure, through regular tests, that your services are automatically launched when your VPS starts up, to minimize your downtime).

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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