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How do I backup a VPS LXC ?

First you need to access the management panel of your VPS LXC then click on the Backup tab in the Additional Tools sub-menu:

It then appears all the backups you already have for your VPS, if you do not have the list is empty:

To launch a backup just click on New backup and answer these few questions:

Type of compression: None, LZO or GZIP. It is recommended to choose LZO for fast backup.
Backup mode: Snapshot, Suspend or Stop. It is recommended to choose Snapshot

Then click on Add to start saving your VPS.

Compression saves space on our backup storage units, however, it is optional. The Suspend and Stop backup mode causes the VPS to be unavailable during backup.

Depending on the offer, the maximum number of backups may vary.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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