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How the payment by bank transfer works

Until now, we had restrictions in place for payment by bank transfer due to the fact that our teams manually process each payment received to assign it to the correct invoice pending payment.

Since November 1, 2022, we have implemented with the help of our banking partners an update of our payment system to accept more bank transfer payments from our customers by automating their processing.

For this, from now on, each customer wishing to pay PulseHeberg by bank transfer must generate an IBAN from his dedicated customer area. This virtual IBAN directly credits PulseHeberg's bank account and automatically reconciles the transfers received with the customer account to which it is attached.

Please note that this payment method is not instantaneous, the service is delivered or renewed upon actual receipt of your bank transfer. For immediate processing of your payment you can use Credit Card, PayPal or Cryptocurrency.

Processing a payment by bank transfer

This automatic operation allows each transfer received to be processed automatically in the following way:

In all cases, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of the bank transfer and indicating whether or not it has been applied to a pending PO.
Payment of a purchase order

To pay a purchase order, you just have to make a transfer corresponding to the amount to be paid by mentioning in the reference of your transfer the purchase order number : BDC-2022-XXXX.

If our system is unable to read your PO number, or if you forgot to mention it, the payment is automatically assigned to a different account. The payment is automatically assigned to a PO if your payment meets the following conditions:
- The transfer received corresponds exactly to the amount of a pending PO
- You do not have multiple POs pending payment of the same amount
- The PO has not expired at the time of payment validation

If not, the transfer is assigned to your customer account as a credit that you can then apply to the purchase orders of your choice.

Credit your account

You have the possibility to credit your customer account with the amount of your choice, in order to pay your pending purchase orders, future renewals or new orders.
To credit your customer account, you just have to make a transfer of the amount of your choice, it is not necessary to specify a reference. Once your account is credited, you will receive a confirmation email and the credit can be used immediately.

Bank processing time

The processing time for a bank transfer in the SEPA zone is 24 working hours. Our banking partner processes the transfer receipts a first time in the morning between 10 and 11 am and a second time in the afternoon between 5 and 6 pm (CEST).

We recommend that you make your payment by bank transfer at least 72 hours before the expiry of a PO if it is a renewal.
Depending on your bank and the time your payment is issued, the payment registration time can be extended to 48 working hours.

Updated on: 01/11/2022

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