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How do I cancel a pending invoice?

Problem encountered

PulseHeberg requires you to pay for an invoice that does not seem justified to you, that was generated by mistake during a simulated order or that concerns a service that you do not wish to keep.


Our CRM generates an invoice in the following situations:

For a new order
When you request to add credit to your customer account
When a request is made to upgrade a service to a more substantial offer
A few days before the expiration of a service in order to proceed to its renewal


The invoice is automatically cancelled 10 days after its due date, no manipulation is required on your part for it to be cancelled.

In the context of automatic renewal, if you have a payment method registered on your customer account, it is automatically debited from the sum of the renewal invoice. It is therefore essential to remember to cancel your services before the end of the term by following this guide.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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