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How do I get student status?

We offer a range of promotional offers for students, enabling them to subscribe to certain services reserved exclusively for students.

Which students are eligible?

We accept all students, regardless of their level of study or country of origin (as long as the proof of enrolment produced by the school is in English or French).
In addition to students, we generally accept learners taking online courses under certain conditions (the course must lead to a diploma or a state-recognized professional qualification).

How do I apply for student status ?

To qualify for student discounts, you must have student status validated by PulseHeberg for the entire duration of your service. To obtain this status, simply log on to our website:

1. log in to your PulseHeberg customer area and go to the following page: Manage my student status. You can also access this page by clicking on the Profile button and then Manage my student status.

2. Once on the Manage your student status page, click on "Etape Suivante", then select your type of receipt and send your receipt. Click on "Etape Suivante" to complete the submission process.

3. A final page will confirm that your receipt has been sent. Our team will study your proof within 72 hours and inform you by email of the acceptance (or refusal) of your student status.

What documents are accepted?

We recommend that you send one of the following documents to facilitate acceptance of your student status:

- School certificate
- Report card
- Student card

In general, however, we accept any document that provides unambiguous proof of your student status.

Whatever document you send us, it must comply with the following rules:

- Clearly indicate the identity of the student (which must correspond to the identity of the PulseHeberg customer account).
- Indicate the name of the school
- Be valid for the current school year
- Be written in French or English

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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