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How can I renew a service?

The services provided by Pulseheberg are subscriptions : As long as you do not request cancellation, these services are renewed every month.

14 days before the expiration date of your service, we generate a renewal invoice for your service.This invoice must be paid before the expiration date of your service, otherwise your service will be suspended and then deleted.

Can't manage to pay your service on time this month (e.g. due to a banking incident, or a problem with funds) ? Please contact our support team : We can study your case and usually provide an exceptional extra time for you to pay your invoice, without impacting your services.

To ease the management of these renewals, we propose several methods of automatic renewal:

Setting up a PayPal period subscription (one PayPal suscription per service)
Automatic credit card debit (by adding a credit card to your customer account)
Automatic SEPA debit (requires manual approval from our team)

Your payment method is then If one of these renewal methods is in place, it will be used to attempt to settle the bill (usually 48 hours before the service expires). debited before the service expires.

Please keep an eye on your emails : We will notify you by mail if we cannot debit your credit card, or if we didn't have received your payment on time.

Don't want to renew a service ? We recommend your to cancel the service, but you also choose not to pay the invoice : In this case, just make sure you don't have an automatic payment set up that would pay this invoice automatically in the next days.

Renewal Calendar

14 days before expiration: invoice generation
2 days after expiration: suspension of service
10 days after expiration: termination of service

Expired service retention periods are expressed for information purposes only. Pulseheberg will do its best to keep your service several days after its expiration, nevertheless some particular circumstances may lead to a premature deletion of the service.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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