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My offer appears as Deprecated

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My offer appears as a "Deprecated" on my customer area. What does this mean, and what does it imply?


Over the years and as technology evolves, we are sometimes led to make new technology choices, or to change the way we design our infrastructures, in order to offer new and more efficient services to our customers.

In this type of situation, if we judge that the old infrastructure/technology used on your offer is no longer optimal, we may be led to consider the offer as being depreciated.

This doesn't change anything for you in the immediate future: Our technical team continues to maintain the infrastructure, and to ensure its proper functioning, you can continue to use the service and you can always renew the service.

Deprecated offers generally no longer benefit from updates (except for critical security patches when available). These are offers on which we will not propose any more evolutions or improvements in the future. Certain problems related to the obsolescence of the technology may also arise (incompatibility with recent software for example).


Do not hesitate to contact our customer service!

We always provide a solution for our former customers when we design a new infrastructure. If it is not possible to migrate your service transparently to our new infrastructure, we will work with you to propose a solution that will allow you to migrate your data serenely (provision of a new VPS in parallel with the old one for a few days for example).

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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