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Migration of PulsePanel Web Hosting Platforms to Plesk

As announced on December 11, 2023, we have decided to close our web platforms still powered by PulsePanel. These offers, which have become obsolete after more than 5 years of depreciation, still operate on older versions of add-ons that are EOL (End of Life).

We have set the shutdown date for the platforms to February 10, 2024, five years after the web offers were deprecated. Those affected by this operation have been informed by email of the process so that they can contact our support as soon as possible to begin the migration process.

We have created this documentation to answer the most frequently asked questions about this migration operation. This documentation will be constantly updated as common questions are received by our support teams.

Question: I paid for my hosting for 1 year, what happens to the remaining days?
Answer: If you paid for your hosting for 1 year and it expires after February 10, 2024, the remaining days on your hosting are not lost. They will be automatically transferred by our support team to your new web hosting offer, in addition to the 3 months of free service you are entitled to. Thus, the payment made for one year will indeed cover one year of PulseHeberg service.

Question: I don't know how to migrate my website, can PulseHeberg take care of it?
Answer: The complexity and technical differences between our old and new offers do not allow us to offer our clients an automatic migration of their site from the old to the new offer. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot take care of the migration. It must be carried out by the client or the webmaster in charge of their website.

Question: I want to migrate, how do I start the migration operation?
Answer: You can approach our customer support from your PulseHeberg client area under the Support tab, then Open a ticket to request the creation of the new hosting. It will operate in parallel with the existing service.

Question: I have completed the migration of my data, how do I switch my domain?
Answer: To switch your domain to the new platform, just change the DNS to and If you have difficulty, you can approach our support who will make the DNS change for you.

Question: I am having difficulties after migrating my website, what can I do?
Answer: If you encounter difficulties after migrating your website, our support is at your disposal to answer your questions and better understand what may have gone wrong during the transfer of your website and how to resolve it.

Question: I have a domain with my hosting, how will it be handled for renewal?
Answer: The dates of the hosting and the domain are linked so that the domain is automatically renewed with the hosting and vice versa. In this type of situation, rather than offering 3 months of hosting, we will apply a discount corresponding to 3 months of service on your annual bill in order to maintain the alignment of the expiration dates for your domain and hosting.

Question: Are the new offers strictly identical?
Answer: No, the offers are not strictly identical. Over the years, PulseHeberg has worked to improve its web offer. You benefit from more efficient and recent platforms on our new offers, especially the more recent versions of PHP with support from PHP 7.4 minimum up to version 8.3. You can find the technical details of our web offer on our website.

Question: Is my site compatible with your new offers?
Answer: Most websites are backwards compatible with our new offers. If you have a CMS like WordPress, it should work without difficulty on the new web platform. In any case, we recommend that you check that your website supports at least version 7.4 of PHP.

Question: What happens if I don't migrate my website?
Answer: If you do not proceed with the migration of your website, it will be taken offline on February 10, 2024. Our teams will proceed with a pro-rata refund of the remaining days on your hosting. The hosting data will be deleted and the 3-month free offer expired. The domain name, being decoupled from the service, will still be active and can be used elsewhere or transferred.

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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