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My service isn't renewing automatically

Issue Encountered

Even with an automatic payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, or Direct Debit) set up, your service isn't renewing automatically, requiring you to manually pay the invoice.


This could happen on rare occasions if the service was initially set up with a different payment method, which might disrupt the automatic renewal process.


To fix this, we suggest you reach out to our customer support. They will examine the payment method linked and enable automatic renewal for the service in question using your registered payment method.

Bear in mind, automatic payments are a useful way to prevent service interruptions due to non-renewal. But if you've arranged for automatic payments and decide not to renew your service, don't forget to request termination through your customer portal.

If you're having trouble renewing your services promptly (due to bank issues, long-term unavailability, etc.), please contact our support ahead of time and explain your situation. Our teams will consider your case and might offer an exceptional extension for rectifying your situation.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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