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Service cancellation

If you'd like to ask for a refund of a specific order, please follow this guide. The cancellation procedure described on this page does not lead to any refund.

All services provided by Pulseheberg are tacitly renewable subscriptions. This means that unless you instruct us otherwise, we consider that you want to renew your services at the end of each period.

If you do not wish to keep a service, you may request its cancellation at any time: There is no commitment, nor any notice period required for this operation.

Note that the cancellation is taken into account at the end of the current period: If you have already renewed your service, this will apply at the end of the next period.

You can cancel your service on your customer area, by clicking "Request Cancellation" on your product details page. You will still be able to use your service until it's next due date, and we will not try to renew it.

Two weeks before expiration, you are notified by email of the generation of an invoice, whose payment date is linked to the due date of your service. During these 15 days, you have the possibility to cancel your service at any time, in order to cancel the automatic renewal, and this, as long as the renewal has not been carried out.

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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